Hear from our Bag Takers!

Art for the Nation's bags have been distributed to over 140 countries around the world! Thank you to our volunteers for helping us spread joy around the world through art!

Please watch this video to see the impact you can have on children’s lives around the world!



“Bless you for the opportunity to share these beautiful art projects. We took ours to a school in rural Jamaica. They really loved to get to use some art supplies!”

- Cheri Jensen



“Our trip to Haiti was incredible. The orphanage that we visited every day love the art supplies and projects. Thank you so much for providing this service!”

-Jeremy Lange



“We used Art for the Nations bags in a slum school in the Mathre Valleys slums in Nairobi. The kids loved the chance to do art and it broadened their outlook and gave them joy!”

-Joann Briggs (with Hope’s Promise of Castle Rock)

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"We truly appreciate your organization's support for youth. It is organizations such as Art For The Nations that allow small grassroots organizations to facilitate arts education in areas where supplies are limited. Thank you again!"

-Kara Lundin